our solutions


Our consulting services target various stakeholders involved in international collaborations.

Some examples:

  • Investors who wish to identify the cultural risks of potential partnerships with foreign organizations, or with potential foreign suppliers or clients.
  • Project directors who must be aware of and prepare for handling the cultural risks that can arise with their international collaborations, either within their international teams or with a foreign parties.
  • Technical experts whose short-term mission abroad involves some collaboration with foreign partners.
  • Key decision makers assigned to working in foreign locations/subsidiaries, who should be performing from the beginning in contexts that require substantial behavioral and analytical cultural adjustments.


We train individuals and teams

We offer a wide range of training products that integrate the participants' jobs, roles and cultural challenges.

Our training methods are adapted to the participants' training styles.


As a follow-up session to our training program, we are offering coaching or mentoring sessions to participants involved in complex international collaborations. These sessions can take place face-to-face or virtually.