Case studies

Here are some examples of situations faced by our clients (names are fictive).

International HR

Performing the HR tasks in an international or in a diverse context features some new challenges that HR personnel must be aware of if they wish to recruit and retain performing foreign and diverse employees.


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From decoding a foreigner's message
to adapting to working in a diverse team of media is easy to make mistakes about foreigners' intentions and way of communicating ...Develop your intercultural competence in order to avoid misunderstanding and low-trust situations.


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Global Leadership

Effective leadership in an international
or diverse context makes it critical for
leaders to understand that their performance abroad may require them to lead with a different style because their foreign employees have different values and expectations.

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International Trade

Success in one market builds confidence to approach other new markets. However, intuitive approaches to new business partners can be dangerous. What do you need to know to become a performing trader and a successful international entrepreneur? 


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