Case Study


Case 1

A media agency works with a team of journalists based in different countries and native to these places. Collaborations are sometimes tough with instructions not being well-understood, deadlines not met, procedures not implemented. Low-performing teams frustrate the management who do not understand why they are having trouble establishing effective work practices.


Case 2

An internationally prominent Argentinian civil servant is interviewed by a British journalist. The negative account infuriates the Argentinian, who claims that his intentions have been misinterpreted, and that the journalist made unacceptable mistakes.

In these two cases, it can easily be said that some professional mistakes have been made. However, in cases of interactions between people from different cultures, there is a need to verify that cultural differences are not the root of misunderstanding and misinterpretation.

This is why it is critical for people working in the media to be aware of the existence of cultural differences and to develop the skills to effectively handle them when they deal with foreigners.


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