21. August 2023
Cross-cultural skills are critical to truly embrace diversity and inclusion
11. May 2023
Customer  Satisfaction
Mind your cross-cultural skills when analyzing an international survey!
04. May 2023
Travailleurs Frontaliers
Vous avez décroché un emploi de l’autre côté de la frontière! Félicitations! Vous êtes frontalier, et donc vous avez maintes fois visité vos voisins pour un peu de tourisme ou pour du shopping. Comme vous parlez la même langue, vous n'avez aucun souci à vous faire quand vous communiquerez avec vos futurs collègues. De plus, votre fonction sera la même et donc vous ne doutez pas un instant que vous pouvez rester vous même en travaillant de l'autre côté de la frontière. Vous...
Primary · 30. January 2023
What can we do to be more inclusive with older candidates?
Primary · 19. May 2022
You are so pleased to have hired a supply chain director. It was hard to find the right match and then you met with Gianni who did exactly that same job in one of your company foreign subsidiaries. No doubt he would know how to perform as he masters the way your company does things. You are so pleased to have hired a new sales manager. When you met with Pablo, who comes from Spain, you quickly knew he was the right match. He has worked with one of your company competitors in his home country....
Primary · 28. November 2020
Depuis toujours de nombreuses personnalités africaines déclarent ou écrivent « Nous les Africains ». Dans les rayons des libraires, on y trouve des livres sur les organisations africaines, sur la philosophie africaine, sur le style managérial en Afrique ou encore sur les valeurs africaines. Subséquemment, il est permis de penser que ce qui est valable dans la société décrite par un auteur l’est automatiquement dans d’autres sociétés du continent. Pendant de nombreuses années,...
27. November 2020
Many African leaders have used the term ‘We Africans’ in their speeches and statements. Subsequently, many researches and works based on findings in one African society have been deemed to be relevant elsewhere in Africa. For example there are books on African organizations, on the African management style, on African values…Those pieces of work are never based on empirical studies covering the entire continent. For many years, I relied on the opinions and statements of prominent experts...
25. November 2015
We live in an interconnected world where multicultural teams have increasingly become the norm. That means that today , even an home based organization recruits expatriates or sends some of his national staff on short or on long term mission abroad. Negotiating a contract, taking part to a trade show or managing a project in a foreign country… these are some examples of how business is conducted today; For very long, that sort of interactions was referred to as ‘international’ and...
16. September 2015
I am often asked to provide the reference of one good book that summarizes what people should know about intercultural competences. The response is difficult to give as understanding the challenges that must be addressed in international environments are complex and suppose a familiarity with a large number of fields.
09. October 2014
Bill has been transferred from his Houston’s HQ to the Indian subsidiary of his organization. From the start, he showed some confidence about his ability to lead his Indian team: prior to his transfer, he met some of them at some important meetings at the HQ. Bill was impressed by the depth of their technical expertise. Three months after his arrival in India, Bill can hardly reconnect the Indians he met in the USA with them at work in their own environment: Bill gets confused: they do not...